Thursday, August 12, 2010

The tongue of a ready writer.

I love to be creative and I think along the day I pick on ideas or values that I wouldnt like to forget. I d like to share my insights, mostly for my record.
We go out through life learning, not seeing the entire picture but the little water I drink I do want share.

Im happy to have the day off tomorrow. Yuppi!!!
Sprint Corporation sold us to a perferred dealer named NexGeneration. It is owned by some nice Louisiana folk. Ironically, all the people that came down are French. No wonder I kept dreaming about the FLeur lilie. I havent been able to go French lately. I miss my French and Flamenco classes. One I tap away in Flamenco, realeasing my feelings. Other I want to say other then Vous c'est parle Fancais? Non...non..non.. jajjaaa..
Y si estoy aburrida en el trabajo.
Amongst other things one of my prayers Sunday was that the Lord open His hand of provision. This morning while I headed out towards my morning run I heard my prayer spoken on the radio. "The Lord opens Hand of provision to meet your needs." The Lord is never late, He is always on time. He might just not go when you want Him to but He knows you are needy and weak.
I love the story in John 11. Mary and Martha are looking for Jesus because Lazarus their brother is dead, yet Jesus waits 4 days to go raise Lazarus. He loved Lazarus yet He would recieve a greater glory by showing up when all seemed more then hopeless. Those who wait upon the Lord shall never be put to shame.(Psalm25)
 Maybe that situation you have been waiting to shift, might be a couple of days away.

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