Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sailor Pool Party

Isaac turns the Big 8!! 

Happy Birthday!!! 

Isaac is a dynamic young man, it was hard to get him out of the water! That's how much fun he was having! Everyone at the party was having a great time! There wasn't a single person I didn't see laughing and enjoying the summer party! 

            Cake by: Lupita Escandon

Isaac the birthday boy. :)

Welcome to the party Xhio!!

His Awesome mom Aide!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ruck For a Cause- Eagle Pass 2015

This past Saturday, June, 13, 2015:  The Military Peer Network and Camino Real Community Service held their annual march to support our veterans. The march was to help raise  PTSD and Suicide Awareness Prevention with the support of the City of Eagle Pass. See for yourself the great turnout!  

         The Morning 5 am ruckers! 
Danny Cruz opened by sharing the alarming statistics; every 65 minutes a veteran takes his life. Everyday an average 22 veterans commit suicide a day nation-wide. You could feel the moment of silence and awareness in the atmosphere. A sense of wanting to do more for those who were willing to serve our country for our freedom. 

Lina Cruz, the wife of Danny Cruz who has supported her husband 100%. Many blessings to the wives, mothers and sisters of veterans whom sacrificed letting go of their special men to serve their country. 

 We made it to Ceylon and Main a little earlier than expected, since we did have some hard core military men leading the way! 

Flor and her husband Omar Gonzales-is an OIF Veteran. 



We waited for daylight and for 8 am for others to join us. I'm glad no one caught a picture of me at this time because I really wanted a nap and a cup of coffee. I know I wasn't the only one..but once we saw other's join us and the excitement of being together for one special cause fueled our energy once more. 
The Fire Department Chief.. 

Cool Peeps!! Joe and Victoria Ramos

And here they were our friends and family joining the cause and creating memories..

 Fort Duncan Medical Center Richard Prati..

Congressman Pete Gallegos joined our March and walked with his son..

 Their T-shirts..

Our very supportive Zumba Divas!  

Angie Rivera representing her husband Johnny Rivera..

 Lourdes Perez and her husband(above picture) she is also the Marketing Director at Fort Duncan.

Mrs. Yolanda Ramon City Council


Ernesto Torres handing Danny Cruz the microphone. Danny began honoring the rest of the soldiers present calling them to the front and thanking everyone for their support and presence. Danny Cruz and both Ernesto Torres are collaborating case workers for The Military Veteran Peer Network. 


 Thank you!- 
I hope you enjoyed the view..