Friday, September 26, 2014

Lessons I Learned From a Dog

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Jesh de Rox at the ClickAway Conference for photographers was how to connect on a better level with people. This isn't only for photographers. 
 Life itself is full of joy when you're relationships are right. It is a fresh breath of air to have an honest connection.  So how do you connect? It's simple, very simple. 
How many people can say that dogs have been better at being man's best friend for years? 
As soon as a human walks through that door, Oh it is on! Dogs be wagging their tale like you just made their day and you have no clue why!
And you get that fussy feeling this dog really likes me...eeek!
Many people want their social entities or business to enlarge. But the basic need is to treat those already in front of you with a welcoming honest spirit.  The kinda welcome that tells you without words you are so precious to me. I am so excited to be in your presence. I can't wait to spend time with you.

Some of the Pet's that crossed my journey and my life richer.
Here is a picture of my brother's unforgettable dog Chuck:
Some pictures of Chuck taken by our family friend Frank Lara, who is also a photographer. 

Lucy the Texas Monthly Magazine dog I met at an art gallery..

And yes the cute Chihuahua's with the Texas Long horn outfit, matching her owner Sammy!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Over Coffee

Over Coffee 
As I stare at the window of life
I wonder how will I get to achieve the plans and hopes harboring my soul.
I want to see all the details and the overall picture, but I can't. 
I must patiently wait as the artist takes his steps to develop the overall masterpiece. 

I am the work in progress.
Do not fret Oh my soul. 
Patiently wait and enjoy the process.
Anchor your heart in hope.
Let hope be honey to your soul.