Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spending vs. Investment

Recently I picked up a book by Vicki Norris. She is the founder and president of Restoring Order and also an on-air for HGTV's nationally syndicated Mission:Organization. Since its Spring time every one does some type of Spring Cleaning. Which I am a behind at this point. My goal for this year is to be a better manager of time, money and space. Because I tend to want to do it all, I need help. I heard from a friend, money should not be used for spending but for investment. Fortunately, I found wise Truths to help me along the way in Vicki Norris' book. I wanted to go ahead and share them with you.
                                       Favorite Book Quotes:
" Invest in experiences and relationships, instead of buying more stuff."
" Only when we recognize and honor the resources we've received can we start investing in the things that truly matter to us: our life priorities." Once you appreciate the cost of something, you can preserve it s value" By Vicki Norris.

  •  Is an activity                                                                           
  • We trade our resources for something in return.     
  • Executes a trade   


  • purposeful choice           
  • We choose to sacrifice our temporary comfort for long term gain.
  • Investing offers a reward.
  • Requires a commitment of time, finances and energy.

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