Friday, October 17, 2014

Things I learned from Alan

Alan is my nephew. He is three years old. Yes of course like all 3 year olds' hyperactive. He does this little peculiar thing when he falls down. Which is pretty often he doesn't really care to watch his step, so you have to be watchful all the time. But anyway every time he gets hurt, he never wants me around. He kicks and screams at me like if I pushed him. Good golly, yes!! I have to walk away into another room. No matter how sweet my approach is only my mom is allowed to comfort him. I chuckle inside because I think to myself this is a pretty neat love thing, this kid got hurt and pushes me away but I still love him the same exact way. It reminds me of Agape love-God's love, "I have a purpose in loving you and no matter how bad you misbehave and push me away this love doesn't move."

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Lessons I Learned From a Dog

One of the most valuable lessons I learned from Jesh de Rox at the ClickAway Conference for photographers was how to connect on a better level with people. This isn't only for photographers. 
 Life itself is full of joy when you're relationships are right. It is a fresh breath of air to have an honest connection.  So how do you connect? It's simple, very simple. 
How many people can say that dogs have been better at being man's best friend for years? 
As soon as a human walks through that door, Oh it is on! Dogs be wagging their tale like you just made their day and you have no clue why!
And you get that fussy feeling this dog really likes me...eeek!
Many people want their social entities or business to enlarge. But the basic need is to treat those already in front of you with a welcoming honest spirit.  The kinda welcome that tells you without words you are so precious to me. I am so excited to be in your presence. I can't wait to spend time with you.

Some of the Pet's that crossed my journey and my life richer.
Here is a picture of my brother's unforgettable dog Chuck:
Some pictures of Chuck taken by our family friend Frank Lara, who is also a photographer. 

Lucy the Texas Monthly Magazine dog I met at an art gallery..

And yes the cute Chihuahua's with the Texas Long horn outfit, matching her owner Sammy!


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Over Coffee

Over Coffee 
As I stare at the window of life
I wonder how will I get to achieve the plans and hopes harboring my soul.
I want to see all the details and the overall picture, but I can't. 
I must patiently wait as the artist takes his steps to develop the overall masterpiece. 

I am the work in progress.
Do not fret Oh my soul. 
Patiently wait and enjoy the process.
Anchor your heart in hope.
Let hope be honey to your soul.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Afternoon kids and Cowboy friends

I had just finished a photo-session and I stopped by The Perez home to visit since my brother was already there. I basically still had my camera in the front seat and I just had to jump out my car and catch this moment. It was a beautiful afternoon and watching kids help out in the yard in their pajamas having a blast was priceless! Great job Francis and Chuy on raising your kids. 


                                                  My brother George and Chuy.
                                           They never noticed I was taking a picture.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Puede ser tan solo un Hasta Luego

Ultimamente se me quito la inspiración de escribir por tanta clase de literatura. Pero pienso que es necesario compartir lo que Dios ha puesto en mi espíritu compartir especialmente con mi familia que hemos perdido tantos seres amados. Esto lo confirma su palabra y la verdad esto es completamente fresco.

Déjeme compartir lo que ocurrió ayer, un ser querido recibió la noticia de que había fallecido su tío al que tanto admira y quiere. Al decírmelo yo sabia exactamente lo que el sentía sin embargo no tenia muchas palabras porque la verdad la muerte es una noticia amarga. Y mi amigo me hace una pregunta legitima del porque Dios permite la muerte así si somos creados en su imagen? Y me puse a pensar teológicamente pues si Adan no hubiera dado su autoridad al diablo pues no existiera muerte. Y noten que dije Adan y no Eva. Eso puede ser discusión para después si gustan. Pero aquí lo importante es que Dios nos ama tanto que el mismo paso por todo lo que pudiéramos enfrentar incluso la muerte. Como quien dice Jesus nos abrió paso al resucitar y darnos la esperanza de vidas eterna junto con los que lo han declarado como su Señor y salvador. El claramente sabia el dolor que el iba a costar a el y el dolor que sentimos cuando un ser querido se nos muere y hay separación. ¡Que Dios tan maravilloso de enfrentar el mismo lo que nos causa tanto dolor y nos promete que tan solo sera un ratito porque cuando nos volvamos a ver del otro lado de la eternidad tendremos una alegría que nadie nos podrá robar o quitar jamas!  

La despedida de Jesús
Juan 16:17 Algunos de sus discípulos comentaban entre sí:
«¿Qué quiere decir con eso de que “dentro de poco ya no me verán”, y ün poco después volverán a verme”, y “porque voy al Padre”?» 18 E insistían: «¿Qué quiere decir con eso de “dentro de poco”? No sabemos de qué habla.»
19 Jesús se dio cuenta de que querían hacerle preguntas acerca de esto, así que les dijo:
—¿Se están preguntando qué quise decir cuando dije: “Dentro de poco ya no me verán”, y ün poco después volverán a verme”? 20 Ciertamente les aseguro que ustedes llorarán de dolor, mientras que el mundo se alegrará. Se pondrán tristes, pero su tristeza se convertirá en alegría. 21 La mujer que está por dar a luz siente dolores porque ha llegado su momento, pero en cuanto nace la criatura se olvida de su angustia por la alegría de haber traído al mundo un nuevo ser. 22 Lo mismo les pasa a ustedes: Ahora están tristes, pero cuando vuelva a verlos se alegrarán, y nadie les va a quitar esa alegría. 23 En aquel día ya no me preguntarán nada. Ciertamente les aseguro que mi Padre les dará todo lo que le pidan en mi nombre. 24 Hasta ahora no han pedido nada en mi nombre. Pidan y recibirán, para que su alegría sea completa. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sister Love and The Wish!

I thought this was a great story to share! Congratulations Anna Lisa for all your accomplishments and to the ones yet to come! Happy Graduation 2014! Her younger sister Adalina was more than dedicating words but she sang a heartfelt song to her sister. "I Wish You" by Rascal Flats. Priceless! Full of courage and Love!

                               My wish for you, is that this life becomes all that you want it to!
                                    May all your dreams stay Big and your worries small..

                                                           The Wish for you...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Candyland Birthday Party!!

 Meet Angie, the Mastermind behind all you see, from Lolipop Piñata, cupcakes, colorful cake and party details and food!! Mmm what a momma!! When I got to the party, this is how she greeted me with a big smile and with my favorite, watermelon!!haha!

                                 The Birthday girls Ileana and Marianna!!

This family definitely made me smile!!! For photography party booking you can contact me, XiO Photography! For Angie Rivera's cakes or pastries