Friday, October 17, 2014

Things I learned from Alan

Alan is my nephew. He is three years old. Yes of course like all 3 year olds' hyperactive. He does this little peculiar thing when he falls down. Which is pretty often he doesn't really care to watch his step, so you have to be watchful all the time. But anyway every time he gets hurt, he never wants me around. He kicks and screams at me like if I pushed him. Good golly, yes!! I have to walk away into another room. No matter how sweet my approach is only my mom is allowed to comfort him. I chuckle inside because I think to myself this is a pretty neat love thing, this kid got hurt and pushes me away but I still love him the same exact way. It reminds me of Agape love-God's love, "I have a purpose in loving you and no matter how bad you misbehave and push me away this love doesn't move."

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